About Us

Welcome to Downunder Cosmetix

Downunder Makeup has always enjoyed a strong and successful retail presence selling all name brands of makeup and cosmetics in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.
CEO Cathi Bartlett was a makeup artist with her own studio working mostly with weddings and debutantes.
It was through her retail business that Cathi felt a frustration with the limited range of colours available, especially while using eye shadows and wanted a larger range of colours to choose from. Cathi saw an ever increasing need for this range to be affordable, yet high quality and a product range that would suit all genres of makeup and clients – a range that was also uniquely Aussie.

Downunder Cosmetix was born and ready to change the way makeup artists would apply colour to the faces of everyone forever.

Cathi was dynamic in the way she sourced manufactures and suppliers both nationally and internationally, yet never missing an opportunity to support Australian whenever possible. Her focus was to not only create a range of eye shadows, but an extensive one of endless colours.
All Downunder Cosmetix products always had to be Paraben Free and NEVER EVER tested on animals. This was not negotiable.
It wasn’t long before Cathi saw the colourful fruits of her labour – the products in her range were selling themselves. Once a customer sees her pigments and glitters, once they test them for themselves, they were a customer for life.
An extensive East Coast Australian tour ensured making her products available directly to makeup fanatics from Melbourne to Far North Queensland.
Then the invitation came to fly her DUC crew to Los Angeles for the prestigious IMATS makeup show. Downunder Cosmetix truly flew the Aussie flag and made a strong impact in America. Their products caught the eye of cosmetics icon Anastasia, who invited the DUC crew to meet with her at her Beverly Hills office.
The DUC crew were even featured on The Martini Show in Los Angeles:
Downunder Cosmetix has since exhibited at IMATS Sydney and various Beauty Expos.
DUC customers are as varied as the colours in their product range – from mua to models, from drag queens to transgenders, from dance students to nail technicians, resin makers and body artists.
Cathi has a strong conviction when it comes to doing what is in her heart when it comes to doing good for others. Her time is often given freely, along with her products to making a difference in the lives of homeless and abused women and anxiety sufferers when she dedicates her time to giving them a makeover and teaching them often basic but life changing makeup techniques.
Cathi has spent a lot of time in Thailand where she has made many friends. On these trips in the past, she has taken her products to the village women, many who have never owned makeup before and shared this newfound joy with them as well as in Cambodia.
The future for Downunder Cosmetix is firmly focused on the creation of new products and expanding our current range of colours – the true colours of Australia. DUC is committed to making their products available in all makeup and beauty schools and dance studios.
So why not join the DUC brand of quality makeup? Because after all, isn’t feeling good about yourself how you treat yourself? YOU deserve the BEST!



Cathi Bartlett is Downunder Cosmetix’s CEO and Product Developer. Cathi is also a makeup artist with 35 years working experience. She holds a Diploma in Beauty Therapy and a Diploma of Screen and Media at AACM (Australian Academy of Cinemagraphic Makeup). Her passion when it comes to makeup is special effects.

Contact Cathi at: cathi@downundercosmetix.com.au

Neill Bartlett is Downunder Cosmetix’s Sales and Marketing Manager. Neill has over 35 years experience in photography. Neill has worked in both Australia and America in sales and communications including radio.

Contact Neill at: neill@downundercosmetix.com.au