It’s important to Downunder Makeup that you have come here...

What are we all about???.... Why are we different from other Cosmetics Companies??

1.       We actually honestly 100% care about our customers

2.       We do not make false promises

3.       We want to bring you the best of the best

4.       We STREAMLINE our expertise

5.       We FORMULATE what we sell

6.       We COMPLY to Australian strict production guidelines

7.       We ARE accredited

8.       We don’t test on animals

9.       We have ZERO KNOWN carcinogens in our products

10.   We have NICNAS registration

11.   We REGULATE CLOSELY our suppliers and formulations

So if you are still reading.. Here’s some company structure info

1.       We are a generic retailer of big brand cosmetics

2.       We source these items and make them available through our retail store CHEAPER THAN ANYONE ELSE... always, everyday!... So you aren’t in Melbourne!!.. That’s unfortunate, Sorry!

3.       Downunder Makeup OWN the brand Downunder Cosmetix

4.       This branding has three item groups that we sell currently

- Pigment eye shadows (4 years in the making). The best product on the market with respect to quality, price, quantity. Just reached the 15,000 unit sale point. We've only had four returns from one purchaser who did not know how to use them.

- Highlighters (18 months in the making). We got it right! Finally!. Price point VERY ATTRACTIVE.. PRE-SALE figures are 1,150 units as at 7th Nov 2016... Oh!!. AURORA BACK IN STOCK!.. joy!!

- Liquid Lipstix (2 years in the making). Just read reviews, it says it all!.. RELEASE WILL BE 1st week of December.. blah blah.. yeah yeah.. in time for XMAS!

5.       Our Mission is to provide SUPERIOR PRODUCTS to A N Y T H I N G on the market at an affordable price.


Here is the bottom line hidden offer. You buy anything for our exclusive line and you get unlimited support of product use, formulations, testing procedures and after ALL THIS.. if you buy and are not happy.. You can contact the OWNER OF THIS COMPANY DIRECT!!... (now that’s not common!)..

His name is Andrew, email him at:-, And he will personally ensure that you are happy!.

So we do not care about our competition!, we know all their tricks, we just beat them on quality, price and most importantly CUSTOMER SERVICE!...